3D seed scanning

Data driven decision making in the seed supply chain

The seed supply chain is a critical network of processes and decisions that collectively impact seed quality, significantly affecting lead times and financial outcomes.

Enhanced decision-making offers numerous advantages for all parties involved.

Our collaborators, Fraunhofer and Phenolytics, have introduced advanced tools to digitalize this chain, enhancing decision quality through the utilization of 3D seed data.

This innovation employs 3D X-Ray CT scanning of seed samples (comprising a few hundred seeds) to obtain precise trait data for each seed. This information facilitates precise decision-making in seed processing, coating, and other pertinent activities.

The outcome is improved and earlier insights into a seed lot's potential, providing precise recommendations for unlocking this potential through specific seed processing actions. This focused approach not only reduces the number of processing and verification cycles but also shortens the lead time from order to sale.

Integrating this technology with 4D germination testing (phenoTest) enables the tracking and correlation of individual seed traits to germination patterns. This unique capability is anticipated to pioneer new avenues in seed research and trait development.

Output datafile example for seed traits of individual seeds ©phenoLytics

Some impressions of 3D seed scanning

phenoCheck setup for automated seed X-RayCT scanning ©phenoLytics phenoCheck setup for automated seed X-RayCT scanning ©phenoLytics
Various different seed phenotypes ©phenoLytics Various different seed phenotypes ©phenoLytics
Correlating seed data with germination results ©phenoLytics Correlating seed data with germination results ©phenoLytics
Cross section of maize seed ©phenoLytics Cross section of maize seed ©phenoLytics


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