Unlocking Potential with X-Ray.

Non destructive 3D potato tuber scan Copyright ©FraunhoferIIS Non destructive 3D potato tuber scan Copyright ©FraunhoferIIS

Reveal what's hidden with X-Ray

X-Ray technology is transforming traditional digital phenotyping by illuminating both obvious and hidden challenges in plant research. It addresses key limitations such as:

  • Optical occlusion: Overcome with X-Ray's ability to see through objects, revealing concealed plant parts like roots, fruits, and seeds, alongside intricate plant architecture.
  • Indirect measurement: X-Ray allows for direct, accurate, and non-destructive measurement of vital traits, such as biomass and yield components, bypassing the inaccuracies of proxy measurements.

PhenoKey and our partners invite you to explore how X-Ray technology can revolutionize digital phenotyping, offering precise insights and fostering innovation in plant science. Let us inspire you to reimagine the potential of your research with the clarity and precision of X-Ray.

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