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Tools for validating phenotyping approaches.

Many are interested in exporing options for digitizing the phenotyping efforts. The conversion of manual phenotyping practices in automated workflows could lead to a chicken-and-egg dilemma. Phenotyping equipment is needed to develop and validate the application, but budget for acquiring technology hinges on a proven business case. 

Having the ability to, affordable and simple, evaluate the feasibility of phenotyping digitization is an often returning request.

Track record

PhenoKey has recognized this need and can offer multiple solutions for this.

A highly practical tool is the TopView multispectral unit. This compact and mobile device can be used for a multitude of applications, and is a proven test bed for rapid prototyping of phenotyping applications.

The unit collects multispectral image data, and has an onboard pipeline for the automated analysis of images.

Plants are automatically segmented using chlorophyll fluorescence.

The outputs contain segmented image data and data-outputs containing hundreds of datapoints per identified plant, including morphology, colour and spectral indices (NDVI).

Applications that it has been successfully used for:
- Germination measurements
- Seed/ Plant counting
- Radicle emergence
- Efficacy testing
- Disease quantification
- Leaf counting Arabidopsis

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"Throughput has increased while reducing per sample costs" 


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