Turnkey project execution

Integration of automated systems is complex. Various subsystems have to work seamlessly together to achieve the project objectives. Additionally systems need to interface with your corporate IT network and software applications. 

To mitigate this PhenoKey often takes turnkey responsibility for the build and integration of all subsystems. This unburdens the impact on your organization and maximally leverages the PhenoKey in-house competencies.

PhenoKey's specific domain knowledge, combined with professional project management & integration services, have proven to be valuable ingredients for such turnkey approaches. 

Key advantages:

  • Technology and vendor independence
    • process and end-user focused system designs
    • selection of most suitable technical solutions and vendors
    • prevention of vendor lock-in
  • Professional project & integration management
    • efficient project execution
    • seamless system integration. 
  • Maintenance and support management:
    • safeguards long term performance
    • optimizes running costs

Below some background information on the various common approaches.

Turnkey for end-users

Project execution of multi technology / multi-vendor automation projects has large impact on end-user organizations. It requires significant resources from key stakeholders to initiate, manage and implement the individual contractor contracts, while ensuring that the end-result is seamless integrated to reach the intended objectives. 

The PhenoKey turnkey project approach is appreciated by end-users since it unburdens their organizations, reduces risks, and increases overall quality and performance. Additionally it provides design freedom and prevents lock in scenarios.

For each project, often in consultation with the client, a team of technical specialists is assembled based on their technical, business and organizational fit with the project objectives. PhenoKey will as Turnkey contractor take responsibility for successful execution of the project within the defined scope and deliverables. 

After integration and project completion, PhenoKey acts as Single Point of Contact (SPOC) to coordinate all warranty, support, maintenance related needs from the end-user. Additionally our specialists remain involved to support in potential technical upgrades and system optimizations. 

System integrations are always a team effort

Turnkey for Technical specialists

It's not uncommon that technical specialized organizations are not able or comfortable to take point or responsibility in turnkey integrations. This could be due to unfamiliarity with end-user processes, organization types or the needed surrounding technologies.  

PhenoKey is therefore frequently requested by technical specialists to take point in the design and project management for turnkey solutions surrounding their core technologies. This enables the technical specialists to remain solely focused on their in-house core competencies while still supplying their products to the client.

Typically PhenoKey acts as main-contractor to the end-user in these scenarios.

Expert knowledge and dedicated guidance? PhenoKey offers tailor made strategic consultancy.