Custom developments

Technical solutions developed for unique tasks.

Many solutions can be created by combining existing technologies in smart ways. Sometimes this simply isn't enough and new technologies or machines need to be developed to automate a process. 

Successfully managing a custom development process can be intimidating. It has to be right the first try.


PhenoKey track record

PhenoKey can support clients in the entire product development process. From initial requirements specifications to testing to the actual manufacturing and implementation. 

The PhenoKey specialist network contains many different companies with distinct specialisms. This helps to assemble the optimal project team to develop custom machinery. 

PhenoKey also has in-house expertise with respect to machine safety to ensure compliance with the local and company regulations.

Feel free to approach us to brainstorm about how we can solve your automation challange. 

Portable machine precise for gravimetric irrigation of pots. In collaboration with Synchron Lab Automation.
Popcorn classification machine using imaging to classify popcorn flakes in real time. Developed with Aris and Gearbox.


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