High throughput efficacy screening

Digitize your screening process

Automated and digitized high throughput efficacy screening for  (new) (bio)-chemicals is a game changer on both output data-quality and throuhgput. The resulting data is valuable for both the up- and downstream processes in development pipelines.

With automated protocols the screening experiments are executed more uniform. This results in better quality data that can be exploited to facilitate better and faster decision making in compare to more traditional approaches.

Automation of the screening pipeline creates the ability to boost the throughput and collect more and better datapoints 24/7/365.  

Track record

The process transformation required to get from a manual/ analog workflow towards automated/ digitized approach is challenging. It has profound impact on many surrounding stakeholders. The daily work of crop technicians, management, data scientist and facility management is affected by such a change.

The challenges around designing and implementing automated screening pipelines fit very nicely within the spectrum of PhenoKey competencies. Automated screening pipelines typically contain multiple subsystems for the cultivation, treatment, imaging, evaluation and data analysis.

PhenoKey can play a significant role in the entire process to design and implement such automated processes. Our inhouse expertise and experience will help to identify the opportunities and pitfalls. 

Efficacy screening platform capable of handling various pot and crop types Efficacy screening platform capable of handling various pot and crop types


Boost throughput and data quality with automated efficacy screening


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