Sensor to plant phenotyping

Minimal invasive In-situ phenotyping of experiments

Sensor to plant OR Plant to sensor is typical decision to make when automating the plant phenotyping. The Sensor to Plant approach is powerful and often the preferred method when the need for natural growing conditions exceeds the need for the highest resolution.

Sensor to plant approaches can be implemented in different environments and by using various technologies. The use case, environment and required sensor payload together influence what’s the best approach for a certain scenario.  

Track record

PhenoKey has deployed multiple sensor to plant approaches both in- and outdoor. We can support you in determining the optimal approach which can then be translated into decisions regarding platform, payload and data pipelines.

Phenokey is an independent design architect which means that there is freedom in both the platform and sensor configuration. This puts the full focus on your needs, and ensure the best match with your objectives. As system integrator and main contractor Phenokey can take the responsibility for the integration. After implementation PhenoKey will also coordinate all support and maintenance activities.  

Feel free to inquire about our experience and available services!

2D representation of gantry based sensor to plant concept.
Sensor to plant concept simulation. Collect data with high temporal resolution without moving the plants


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