Rover based field phenotyping

Traitseeker, the mobile field phenotyping lab

Field Phenotyping is the way to go for many. Without doubt UAV’s are the mainstream solution for many uses.

There are however use-cases where the UAV’s cannot deliver the required sensor payload or resolution. For these cases a Ground based / Rover vehicle could be a solution. Ground based vehicles often do not have payload restrictions and can deliver much higher resolutions due to the closer proximity.

Often Field Phenotyping rovers are used for the exploration and development of new methods that at a later stage can be simplified and implemented into the UAV platforms.

Traitseeker at APPF Adelaide node. Photo Credits: APPF, Adelaide

Track record

PhenoKey together with Croptraits have developed the Traitseeker, a Rover based field phenotyping device that can be used as a mobile Field lab.

The TraitSeeker is unique due to the versatile payload ranging from Lidar, RGB and VNIR/ SWIR hyperspectral sensors, but more so because of the advanced sensor fusion that enables pixel based fusion between the various sensor.

The emphasis has also been on deploy ability, the platform can be easily transferred between locations where it can be deployed and operated by a single person.

The connected analysis platform automatically tranforms the raw data into plot segmented rich and fused datasets. Automatically generated data outputs provide you with plot based datapoint that can be used for further analysis.

All data, including the Lidar/ Hyperspectral fused data are stored in common formats and can be leveraged for the development of use case specific measurements and method developments.

Traitseeker intro movie WUR NPEC
Traitseeker ready for transport at WUR NPEC Traitseeker ready for transport at WUR NPEC
Traitseeker Introduction


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