4D germination seed quality testing

phenotest: Germination testing in 4D

Did you know that it is now possible to obtain 4D (3D+temporal) data of individual seeds during germination tests in paper?

The patented phenoTest system as developed and marketed by phenoLytics uses X-RayCT technology to non-destructively measure seed to seedling development in 3D. This creates an unprecedented insight on seed level on the seed quality and germination performance of seedlots.

The algorithms automatically segments seeds, cotyle, cotyledons and roots, after which the further classification in germinated yes/no and normal/ abnormal are made.

Additionally individual phenotypic datapoints are available for each organ for all seeds. This creates a treasure of statistical information to further understand and quantify the seed quality of the tested batch.

Besides automating the typical germination testing the same technology also offers valuable data for seed treatment effects, dormancy, storage and packaging and other breeding and R&D related experiments.

Track record

PhenoKey has entered into a collaboration with phenoLytics to integrate these systems worldwide. Together the parties can offer end-to-end solutions around the phenoTest core technology. Both parties can support you in the entire process from validation testing, design upto final implementation and long term support and maintenance.

Feel free to inquire about the possibilities of phenoTest.

Timeseries for development of single seedling. Photo credits: PhenoLytics GmbH Timeseries for development of single seedling. Photo credits: PhenoLytics GmbH
Phenotest Setup At Strube D&S Gmbh Phenotest Setup At Strube D&S Gmbh Photo credits: Strube D&S GmbH


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