X-RayCT and plants mix very nicely. It reveals what happens inside the seed, plant and pot without disturbing the development of the plant. Did you know that you can do a near perfect biomass measurement using X-Ray and X-RayCT? It by far outperforms any method that tries to non-destructively quantify the biomass. Even more special is the ability to visualize the root systems non destructively in pots with real soil!

One thing about X-RayCT systems is that they tend to be a bit bulky making it often difficult and expensive to integrate.

Maybe a benchtop or even portable system could support your needs.

CT Portable benchtop X-RayCT device, usable for a range of applications

Track record

PhenoKey is working together with Fraunhofer IIS whom are leading the way in development of novel approaches for X-Ray and X-RayCT in agricultural applications.

The Fraunhofer CTPortable is a tabletop X-RayCT device capable of delivering various validated measurements on plants and seeds. The Fraunhofer institute has licensed the manufacturing and sales of this benchtop device to PhenoKey.

Current applications for which the CTPortable is deployed:

  • Seed phenotyping
  • Wheat ear phenotyping
  • Root imaging


For all applications end-to-end solutions are provided, these include X-RayCT and IT hardware, reconstruction software and application specific algorithms. It is also possible to use a single device for multiple applications.

All X-RayCT devices are CE-certified, safe to operate. Users will be adequately trained on both safety and the application.   

We’re open to work together on validation or test measurements as well as custom algorithm developments.

CT Portable with robotic automated sample exchange CT Portable with robotic automated sample exchange


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