Automated DNA tissue sampling

Automate your tissue sampling workflows

Scaling up genotyping workflows is on the radar of many breeders. Especially now the technology is available to routinely and automatically collect and process 1000’s of samples on a daily basis.

Within this process the automation of the tissue sampling process is a key component. Doing this right will remove the repetitive work while improving the sample- and data integrity of the process.  

Track record

Implementing technology to automate tissue sampling can be identified as high-impact for your organization.

Automated sampling is right at the crossroad between your greenhouse/ farm and lab operations. Therefore this requires intensive coordination between multiple stakeholders to standardize workflows and data-interfaces.

With our experience we can support you in the process of identifying, validating, designing and executing the implementation of both the technology and process changes. This will accelerate the process and improves the quality and efficiency of the end-result.

Automated plant selection and discard based on phenotypic or external information


"Throughput has increased while reducing per sample costs" 


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