Automated plant propagation

Off to a good start

The quality of many processes and experiments involving plants is heavily influenced by the start point quality and consistency of the test plants.

Variations or deviations in plant quality and uniformity can restrict the ability to automate a process. Or results of a treatment could be obfuscated by varying phenotypes of the plants at the T=0 timepoint.

Plant propagation can pose some challenges when dealing with multiple environments, seasonal effects and small and diverse seedlots.

A well designed automated and controlled process around plant propagation can deliver significant quality improvements to downstream works and experiments.

Track record

Plant propagation for breeding and research applications differs significantly from typical horticultural propagation operations. The start point variation in seed quality and the smaller quantities (per seedlot) are major differences with industrial horticultural propagation workflows.

PhenoKey is well introduced in the intricacies of automating plant propagation in these special cases. Our experience will help in identifying the proper approach to improve plant quality and minimizing costs. Our experts can take a leading role in the process to identify the proper equipment and developing a solution that meets your requirements and budgets.

As turn-key system integrator PhenoKey can take overall responsibility in the construction and implementation process for the automation and controlled environments.


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