High throughput genotyping

The advances and cost reductions of genotyping are more then ever making plant breeding a numbers game. The advantages of the ability to run your markers on a larger population at an early developmental stage are clear. Operational and human factors are often the limiting factor to further unlock this potential.

Automating the workflows around early developmental stage sampling and the subsequent selection can massively increase the throughput potential and quality of this process.  Resulting in better working conditions, lower costs and higher throughput and quality.

Track record

PhenoKey is specialized in transformations from manual towards fully automated procedures. For this application that typically entails the automation of sowing, sampling, and the transplanting of the selected candidates based on their individual lab results.


Automating these processes is truly high impact, many different process steps have to work together in close unison and it requires a 100% perfect data integrity. Our integrated approach will greatly reduce your risks and timelines while increasing the output. PhenoKey can support you in the entire process from initial vision towards and including the successful implementation within your workflows.


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